Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | 20th November 2020 - Promo 1

Vijay Television

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    பிக்பாஸ் - தினமும் இரவு 9:30 மணிக்கு நம்ம விஜய் டிவில..
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. roger roger

      Balaji thinks he is god.

    2. V Merahs

      Bala is a venom

    3. mohammed Ibrahim

      Like ovia now bala being as always himself ....he never afraid of his actions or behaviour and never hide his emotions or anger . he sometimes do mistakes like all and accept his mistakes too with whole heart so he never do anything just for show off he do everything for satisfying himself never copied others he is self made man

    4. mohammed Ibrahim

      Bala is very bold strong personality so all want to break him down including biggboss bcoz adi Pattu pattu thaan bb le last varaikum poga mudiyum

    5. Haritha Ragupathi

      I don't understand the reason given by rio in case of giving the 🥊 to nisha.

      1. Nagesh

        Alavukku meerinaal amruthamum visham aagum. If both continue for another 2-3 weeks, they will start backstabbing each other as tasks will be tougher and number of contestants too will reduce.

    6. S.I.R.I

      Soorarai pottru punch review ____________________________

    7. Divya Munagapati

      Sanam fans Like 💝💝 👇👇

    8. hello hello

      new song beautiful lyrics

    9. Rithanya Kumar

      Trending on 5😂😂😂

    10. Jayakishan k

      Promo mattum thaan intha bigboss la nalla erukkum aana show semma bore

    11. Easwari Suppiah

      Can give One More Chance to sujitra... !!

    12. Anandan Brindha

      பாலா இந்தவாரம் சரியில்லை. அனிதா தேவலாம். சனம் ரொம்ப ரொம்ப தேவலாம்.. சிவானி மாற்றமில்லை. 😌😌😌

    13. aysha hussain

      Bigbossku Balava nalla pidikum thonuthu. Bala jailukkulla romba araganta nadanthum today kamal sir onnum chollavillai

    14. Gops PSAK

      My last 5 contestants in Bigboss season 4..... Aari, Ramya, Rio, Bala, Suresh should be the last 5 contestants..

    15. Gops PSAK

      If audience are given a chance Shivani will be ousted as she is the most boring candidate from day 1.. but surprisingly none of the contestants have nominated her.. terribly disappointed

    16. Ganesh R

      One of the boaring show this time no one interested to watch this show.

    17. Abdullah Noora


    18. Vadivel Raman

      Who worrying about banned the tik tok app please comment here. If you happy to banned this app likes👍there

    19. kamalam kannan

      Super ☺

    20. Muthu Lingam

      Reo wats happening Nisha is so much older than u y giving lecture 2 her n made her cry ur a fake person do tis 2 Gab n Ramya is another culprit showing alwsys her teeth n showing her favourism 2 Somu

    21. Zafar Ali


    22. Bigboss 4 Telugu

    23. vijay ragav

      Bala oru thellavari

    24. Muthu Lingam

      Anitha ur such a weird n avery rude 2wards Suchitra just 4 the miserable hair band tis is what ur mum taught u poor thing dont know hw ur hubby going 2 b tortured by u OMG Reo is another specimen hugging always Geb n other ladies very weird

    25. Sweet Candy

      Bala moonja paathaaley adikkanum nu thonuthu seen pudungi 🤣🤣

    26. Heidi David

      ஷிவானி - வயதுக்கு மீறிய வளர்ச்சி.. அணியும் உடைகள் படு கவர்ச்சி.. "அந்த கால அனுராதா, ஜெயமாலினியின் இந்த கால VERSION ஷிவானி." Gabriella & Shivani are of the same age. ஆனால் Gabriella அணியும் உடையில் இருக்கும் நாகரீகம் Shivani அணியும் உடைகளில் இல்லை. And moreover she's absolutely inactive. கவர்ச்சி உடைகளில் வலம் வருவதை தவிர வேறொன்றும் செய்வது கிடையாது ஷிவானி. As BiGG BOSS is a family show, ஷிவானி SHOULD be evicted next. So BiGG BOSS please evict ஷிவானி. Thanks


      Dnt blame other life and dont hurt people.

    28. abarna selvarajan

      Bigg boss in yesterday episode Suchitra unwantedha pesunadhunaladhan balaji murugadoss kova pattaru first suchiya bigg boss vetta vittu anupunga and I'm again again mentioning shivani balava vittu konjam vilagu irunga romba closeha paragadinga I don't want shivani Narayan and balaji murugadoss to go out of bigg Boss house

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    31. Abinaya Abi

      Mokkaya pothu

    32. Spice Our Food

      Rio bullys Nisha



      Archana gropism


    36. Rohini S

      Mokka task

    37. Girish Nair

      Bala is undisciplined guy

    38. Girish Nair

      I accept Archana is behaving like boss but Rio ,Nisha ,Som and Ajeedh are licking her toes...why

    39. marvels movies

      Ennadhan suchi ya pidikalanaalum, suchi alaradha paakka romba paavama irundhudhu neathu....adhuvum balaji ku kaathu veeseetay..... pattu paaditay . Nobody in the bb house are ready to console her.better she should come out of the house.....


      என்னுடைய சேனலில் பல வீடியோ உள்ளன உங்கள் ஆதரவு வேண்டும் 🙏

    41. Sheldon Cooper

      Big Boss is cringy and people who watch such show are cringy af

    42. Nagesh

      Aajeedh captain aanadhu verum saastratukku dhaan. Captaina onnum senja maadhiri theriyale. Oru dummy postaaga dhaan irundhadhu.

    43. U. Anu vincy

    44. Priya s

      Bala- timings respect romba film industry ku mukkiyam but ithelam ila so BB house la learn panikitu va. Very useful to ur future. Groupism unakum irunthuchu gabbi aaji sam ramya but after enter shivani all r out why think panupa ne time shivani kuda matum spend panra so elarum kalandutanga. Ne groupism nu mathavangala solra una sona kovam varuthu. Ur look handsom kudavea kovatha korachi Anba pesu inum smart ah theriva dressing la matum smart iruka kudathu manasula irukanum. Kathama pesu ok Biggboss yea kathura BB avarum silent ah irukaru paru😂😀😀. Anyway requesting BB Balava kathama iruka solunga. avanuku anbu enanu kovam korachi out panunga parkavea kastama iruku.

    45. iyappan10

      Next week captain ship task manipulated ... it is not real at least now,,,people need to understand....entha....pulapukku...pathila,,,Vijay TV....Audience,,,ooda....................................

    46. GS Jinu

      Vera level bigg boss

    47. k.p.jothidam and pariharam

    48. Shinoj

      Aari fans 👌

    49. SG

      Bala fans be like. Bala is the only Human. Others are unearthly species. Should other contestants always lick Bala’s foot.

    50. mohemed Mohamed

      Bigboss u r very smart 👌👌

    51. Narmadha Bala

      Bala mike adidikadi poduvadhu illai bb ean kandukollama irukkirar

    52. Besf of Best

      Hi im Srilankan boy

    53. Karthi T

      Bala it's real playboy 😌😌😪

    54. Muralidharan J

      Kuppa boss....bigg loss

    55. Muralidharan J

      Ivalavvu ad plug in panraangana bigg boss la sathhu illa pola...tro deep diving pola

    56. Muralidharan J

      Yamaha netthhikku...innikku hyundai

    57. Muralidharan J

      Ithula advertisement plugin vera...

    58. Muralidharan J

      Odaatha bigg boss kku vice captain veraya..etho corporate company nadathara maathiri...

    59. Muralidharan J

      Aari vittukkututhuttaan

    60. Muralidharan J

      Anitha another pshycopath and sanam is gorging up on chaos...but bottom line Suchi has degenerated from how adorable she was during 2004 and how she has decayed now....and all of those who come to bigg boss, have either their life or career is in tatters...

      1. Nagesh

        Suchi's case is a proof that drug ruins a person's career and makes his/her life miserable.

    61. mohamed nifraz

      Bigg boss Balaji Balaji very very good man

    62. Thomas Sabastin

      Why Bala Remove his Mike. In jail he irritated everyone if have gutts ask him say in front of every one they are bears. A big Bear says others are bears

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    65. sunil sunil

      I love Suchi.. She needs love. I feel crushed seeing her old videos of singing so charming and happy. God have mercy may she be blessed with more love and joy. 😍

    66. Krishna Murali

      Enada in thy show yalaru allurange thu

    67. aksa james

      Boring. Full of advertising products and eating eating eating

    68. Muthu Lingam

      Reo what r u trying 2 do always hugging Gab n Stjupid Anitha behaving childish llittle things get irritated n do everyone notice Reo sitting style n always having groupism a culprit n a fake person

    69. Hidden truth reality

      This is totally fake

    70. Madhavan Ang

      Without bala bigg boss will bore

    71. Quiet Girl

      Sanam y u tell like always 'vechu seivanga'???

    72. raghvan Nair

      Worst show in the world 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈Pls small children don't watch this show

    73. Kaadhal Ulaa


    74. Mayaa Mayaa

      Bigg boss group for updates and discussions ❗️❗️

    75. Usha Subramaniam

      Tara and Ravi sir, if what Balaji is doing is a content, then the show is just fooling the people. They are supposed to entertain and thereby give content. Not behave like a kaatubrandi. If he is retained, when he is doing nothing but nonsense and shouting, behaving arrogantly, then why should Anita be evicted? Whatever she does, she does very well and intelligently.

    76. Raji Bhakta

      I thought earlier Suchi was the issue. I think now that Bala is the bully. Throw him out as he is intimidating other participants. Sanam wants to be seen with Bala but he is humiliating her...

    77. Suda Suba

      Full episode podunga plz

    78. Vic Mun

      Sanam was try to irritate Bala. Bala called other BB4 housemates Karadi @Bear! Viewers u will see Bala paid bloggers will write poem about Bala

      1. black cobra

        Because he told, she is going in jail 🤣🤣

    79. Karthikeyan K

    80. Karthikeyan K

    81. Nagesh

      Hyundai modellingle parvaille chinna pasanga correctaana winnersai therndeduthaanga. Aari and Sam. Som kooda pramaadhama pose koduththaan but Aari clicks romba intelligenta irundadhu.

    82. Manikandan M

      அர்னா எரிச்சல்

    83. Artistic Affair

      Feeling sad for Suchitra

      1. Masha Subran

        Suchi tha but bala konjm over tha pannan innaiku

      2. Ben 10

        From the past week every audience told her irritating but when contestants sonna paavama

      3. Ben 10

        Why ????

    84. MURUGAN N

      Every week 2 contestant eliminate???? Wild card entry kanja karuppu, bharani?????

      1. Sadhana N.

        Evicted contestants can be wild card in the same season not the following seasons. They can appear as guests only.

    85. garuda bagvan

      Bala don't deserve that jail...s

    86. Sankari Lakshmi

      Cook with comali win panna ramya aen enum குக்கிங் pannavae illa bb la

    87. ran r

      If Sanams strategy is to iritate Bala, Kudos for it :). Balas arrogance is been out one by one each day.

      1. Srini Vasan

        Yes. The only punishment to him is irritating him to the core. Apo kooda budhi varathu avanuku

    88. Visakh Vinod

      Feeling bad for suchii

    89. sathya rajan

      Yeppa indha nisha vum Rio vum pandra drama thanga mudiyala....nisha onnumea theriyadha kozhandha madhiri act pandradha dha thanga mudiyala...seekirama yedhyum purinjikka theriyadhavangala pechalara irukka mudiyum total fake person is nisha...

    90. Karunakaran Subbiyan

      Balaji is a irritating fellow..he must be eliminated from the big boss house as soon as possible... through Red Card...

      1. Srini Vasan

        Bala deserves red card and Red card deserves bala

    91. kathir vel

      Moka mama Rio

    92. sathya rajan

      Feel sad for suchi...

    93. RAJA RAJA

      Samyukta again trying to degrade Sanam by her stupid jokes

      1. Visakh Vinod

        Correct 😏😏

    94. SIVA BABU

      Next week Bala va eliminate ?

    95. Cherylin F

      The way everyone teases Shivani...when Bala was on the way to jail😂😂

    96. Cherylin F

      Did anyone laugh when Bala scolded Suchi😂hahaha

    97. RAJA RAJA

      Sanam is speaking to balaji's team coz she is the vice captain.But still she is losing her self respect. Atleast she said the valid point directly to him but this balaji again worst behaviour.

    98. RAJA RAJA

      How many of u notice while Suchitra was singing abt Ramya,Shivani was quiet but after seeing camera focussing her, she gives a fake smile.

    99. kumar G

      Ramya feels: Bala-kooda mingle aana paala poga vendiyathuthan.... 😰😰😰

    100. sristy1989